Our sub-volume compression product is to better allow customers to experience, some customers may be suddenly interrupted when the network is unstable, so we choose sub-volume compression.

Sometimes customer may not be able to unzip files because winrar is not able to unzip .7z files,So you can unzip them with 7-zip.org.

Step 1:Download 7-zip from 7-zip.org

Step 2:Download all parts of your product and do not change your product name and suffix

Step3:Select all parts to unzip or select first one(.7z.001) to unzip,and it will unzip all parts automatically.

 Way1:Select all parts to unzip

Way2:Select .7z.001 file to unzip.

Note:Do not unzip .7z.002, .7z.003 etc alone,it will encounter errors,but unzip .7z.001 will automatially unzip all,which is the ritht way to unzip.

Step4:That is done,just wait files to be unziped.Finally result shows as bellow


If you have a collection of resources that our website does not have, and you want something on the website, you can contact us,and if both of us agree, we can exchange them.

When you contact us, please state the products you need, and state the products you have that we do not have, so that we can communicate further.

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