Blender Beginners For Concept Art

9 Credits

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This a an extensive course for blender beginners with a focus on using it for concept art. If you are interested in using Blender for Concept Art, this is the course for you. Whether you are a complete beginner to 3D, migrating from another 3D software or know a little bit of Blender then there is something for you here. In the first part we will go through the very basics of blender and in the second part we will focus on building a concept piece from blender to photoshop.

This is a follow up course to a shorter tutorial on our youtube channel here.


Blender 2.9+ & Photoshop or similar.


– 5.5 hours of narrated tutorial.

– 14 Chapters

– Blender File

– Phoshop File

Software Used:

Blender 2.92 & Photoshop 2021

Big thx for Kurumi!