Exnem er Dames 1 for Genesis 3 Female (DAZ Studio Format 3D Model)

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This Package contains the “Killer Dames #1” set of meshes for Genesis 3 Female for use with Daz Studio and Iray.

All outfit pieces auto conform to all Genesis 3 Female base morphs and Victoria 7.

Materials are for Iray renderer by default.

The Loin Cloth can be posed using the skirt bones. Simply select a segment and rotate using the dials.

Fans come as smart props that automatically load in the correct position and parented to your character’s hands. There is an included HAND pose to get a perfect grip for the fan, as well as fett pose for the boots.


System Requirements:

DAZ Studio 4.8+


Ownership Statement:

All of this product’s content was created by Exnem


Needed Files:

Genesis 3 Female


Installation Instructions:

Extract the zip-archive with your unzip program:
– Open your unzip program and press the button -Extract To-
– Select the folder with you DAZ Studio libraries (e.g.: C:UsersPublicDocumentsMy DAZ 3D Library)
– Make sure that an option to extract full paths is selected to make sure you keep the right folder structures within your DAZ folder.


Usage Tips or Limitations:

To use correctly you have to follow this steps for each part:

1) Load your Genesis 3 figure (it may be already morphed if you wish)
2) Load the desired outfit part by double clicking while the G3 Figure is selected.
3) Repeat step 2 for each outfit part.

Additional information


Growfx+Mesh+FBX, Mesh+FBX