Face Control Expansion for Genesis 8.1 Female (DAZ Studio Format 3D Model)

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Do you need an easy and quick way to add more detail to your character’s expressions? Is it difficult for you to get the right facial expression with the current morphs? If so, this pack is for you.

Face Control Expansion for Genesis 8.1 Female will provide all the necessary morphs to add detail to the face of your Genesis 8.1 Female characters.

Morphs were created carefully to allow you to move parts of the face that could not be moved with the default morphs or were hard to control, adding extra movement on the eyes, mouth, nose, brows, ears, and cheeks. Furthermore, morphs may work with all characters based on Genesis 8.1 Female, and they can be combined with previous morphs that you already own, giving more intensity to the expressions or creating new ones.

What’s Included and Features

  • Face Control Expansion for Genesis 8.1 Female: (.DUF):
    • Brow morphs:
      • BrowL Inner Up
      • BrowL Inner Down
      • BrowR Inner Up
      • BrowR Inner Down
    • Cheek Morphs:
      • Cheek Left Press
      • Cheek Left Pull
      • Cheek Right Press
      • Cheek Right Pull
    • Ear Morphs:
      • EarL Turn Full
      • EarL Turn Lower
      • EarL Turn Upper
      • EarR Turn Full
      • EarR Turn Lower
      • EarR Turn Upper
    • Eye Morphs:
      • EyeL Lower Left Side
      • EyeL Lower Middle
      • EyeL Lower Right Side
      • EyeL Upper Left Side
      • EyeL Upper Middle
      • EyeL Upper Right Side
      • EyeR Lower Left Side
      • EyeR Lower Middle
      • EyeR Lower Right Side
      • EyeR Upper Left Side
      • EyeR Upper Middle
      • EyeR Upper Right Side
    • Lip Morphs:
      • Lip Lower Left
      • Lip Lower Middle
      • Lip Lower Right
      • Lip Upper Left
      • Lip Upper Middle
      • Lip Upper Right
      • Lips Left Side Up-Down
      • Lips Right Side Up-Down
      • Lips Wide Left
      • Lips Wide Right
    • Nose Morphs:
      • Nose Left Side Up
      • Nose Left Side Press
      • Nose Right Side Up
      • Nose Right Side Press
      • Nose Move Down
      • Nose Move Left
      • Nose Move Right
      • Nose Move Up
    • Reset Face preset
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

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Growfx+Mesh+FBX, Mesh+FBX