Globe Plants Bundle 12 – Australian Home & Garden Plants

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FORMAT:3ds max(VR+CR)

This Bundle 12 includes 15 shrubs and trees that are commonly used in Australian Home landscaping purpose with 104 unique models that come with many forms that can be used for many of your scenes. With MESH, BLENDER, C4D and SKETCHUP format you only need to drag and drop and ready to render, with GrowFX format, you gain maximum flexibility to edit the plants as much as you like.

List of Species:

  1. Agapanthus ‘Black Pantha’
  2. Agave amica
  3. Blue gem westringia
  4. Cestrum nocturnum
  5. Eremophila nivea
  6. Helichrysum italicum
  7. Lagerstroemia indica
  8. Lavandula pinnata ‘Sidonie’
  9. Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear’
  10. Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’
  11. Prostanthera ‘Poorinda ballerina’
  12. Prunus Lusitanica
  13. Pyrus calleryana ‘Winter Glow’
  14. Yucca aloifolia
  15. Zamia furfuracea

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Growfx+Mesh, Mesh