Hacking Workspace C4d and Octane 3D model

$9.00 (or 9 Credits)

Format:FBX+Cinema 4D

Use credits that never expire to get things at a low cost,including high-quality 3d models,cut out 2d people and plants,scanned PBR textures and material…etc


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Highly detailed Cinema4d Scene, compatibles with OCTANE to boost up yourprojects, Includes big amount of Octane shaders, textures and decals, and Scifi models.
Most of the The modeling was done in Moi3d then imported to C4d for extra Sub-d details,Some of the of the objects are uv-unwrapped with pbr materials and some was procedurally textured with octane, I pushed the level of details and realism as much i could to make it ideal for production videos and motion design. This scene was not intended for game engines, and it’s not optimized for it, if you buy it for games then excpect some extra work to be done from your part.

Includes: -C4D File -Textures Folder -LUT file

Redshift version available here