Learn Figma In Less Than 1 Hour – The Fundamentals For Beginners

9 Credits

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About This Class
The project of this Course will be you working alongside the small excercises.

Learn the popular Software Figma in less than 1 hour!
Do you want to learn Figma in as little time as possible? Then you’re at the right place.
In this Course I’m going to teach you all the Fundamentals you need to start working on your very own Design Projects in Figma.
This is what we will cover!
You’re going to learn everything piece by piece. Starting with the creation of simple Shapes, we quickly move on to more complex topics such as the usage of the Pen Tool.
We’re going to be working extensively with Colors and all sorts of Gradients. You will also learn how to make changes quickly by uisng Global Color Styles.
You will learn how to work with Text and the different Alignment Options.
Later on, we’ll be working with Images and Masks as well.
Of course we will also take a look at creating interactive prototypes of our designs.
The Course for complete Beginners
This Course was made for complete beginners in mind, so there is no prior knowledge required!
While watching the individual Lessons you will be working alongside me using the Excercise Files provided to you.
All you need to get started is a PC or MAC and a working internet connection.

Project Guide
The project of this Course will be you working alongside the small excercises.
I have attached the file to work along.

Lesson 1:Introduction
Lesson 2:Creating new Documents
Lesson 3:The User Interface
Lesson 4:Creating Frames
Lesson 5:Navigating the Canvas
Lesson 6:Working with Shapes
Lesson 7:Mastering the Pen Tool
Lesson 8:Working with Colors
Lesson 9:Working with Text
Lesson 10:The Layers Panel
Lesson 11:Working with Images
Lesson 12:Alignment Options
Lesson 13:Creating & Working with Masks
Lesson 14:Working with Components
Lesson 15:Creating Grids & Columns
Lesson 16:Working with Plugins
Lesson 17:Prototyping