Tree Maker 117 Brushes Alphas and Basemeshes



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Tree Maker is the best way to make trees in Zbrush, and save time in your projects, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.
This product contains several useful tools to build trees from scratch:

– 117 ZBrush brushes for shaping and texturing trees: rough bark, smooth bark, cracks, knots, and cut branches.
– 50 PSD Alphas that you can use in Zbrush and other 3D modelers that use alphas. Size: 2048×2048.
– 8 Basemeshes of trees, of different shape: tall and thin, wide, gnarly… With these bases you can quickly start making a tree or modify them to do your own.
– A Branch brush to add additional branches to the trees.
– A IMM Trees brush, that can add the basemeshes of the trees in your scene in a fast way, to quickly compose a small forest, or shape them as you drag.
– A Tutorial about how to install and use this product, with instructions and tips and tricks.
– A Brush Guide with the brushes and their numbers so you can choose which one to use easily.