Unreal Engine Asset – Sharur’s Ultimate Rocks

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Format:Unreal Engine

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A collection of 89 different types of rocks and bricks that I created over the years. Jungle rocks, volcanic rocks, pillars, stylized cave rocks, stylized snowy rocks, and a lot of different bricks. This pack also includes a set of different shaders, which I used with those rocks (scalable textures, snow, moss, etc.).

Technical Details

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  • 89 different rocks and bricks (both realistic and stylized)
  • Lots of different shaders and setting to play around with
  • Can be easily used in a lot of different scenes

Texture Sizes:

  • 110 4096×4096
  • 117 2048×2048
  • 7 1024×1024
  • 6 512×512

Collision: Yes, Generated

Vertex Count: 33 – 14,261

LODs: 3-4

Number of Meshes: 89

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 84

Number of Textures: 240

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop, PS4, Xbox, Oculus, Vive

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop, PS4, Xbox, Oculus, Vive